by Savics

DataToCare is a fully customizable suite of integrated applications (mobile, desktop, web) that connects national laboratory networks by collecting diagnostic and patient data at the facility level, displaying real-time information on a dashboard to facilitate decision-making at the central level, and notifying test results to medical teams and patients.

the challenge

We are seeing poor communicable diseases surveillance despite an increase in state-of-the-art diagnostics.

Paper-based processes and lack of standardization and connectivity between laboratory systems are the root causes behind incomplete and not ready to use data


Health Facility level

DataToCare captures patient and diagnostic data and connects different devices in laboratories.


Central level

DataToCare displays information on a dashboard facilitating epidemiological surveillance.


Patient level

DataToCare notifies by SMS or email test results in real-time to patients and doctors.

We offer remote and on-site technical support while mentoring local IT teams to effectively maintain Datatocare.

DataTocare features

real-timE data transfer

Sends standardized patients’ test results & demographic data to the central server via internet or SMS when the connection is not available.

Maintenance of devices

Provides devices usages statistics schedules & manages maintenance activities of diagnostic equipments.


Displays epidemiological, demographic, operational through tables, charts and maps.

inventory management

Ease the management stock levels of vital laboratory supplies, provides alerts when inventory is running out or forecast stockout and expiration.

Notifications to impacted persons

Sends diagnosis test results via email and SMS to physicians and patients across various points of care.


Customizable quality indicators and in-app notifications to warn decision-makers about abnormalities and guide them in their daily operations


Exportable and/or automatically generated case-based or aggregated report at the laboratory, region and national level.


Enables connection via API to Lab information system, electronic Medical record, etc

DataToCare Impact



People with improved access to health care


Today healthcare workers and specialists are faced with big challenges due to the COVID-19 virus. Large numbers of patients need testing and treatment while resources are limited which is leading to an overburdened health system. We can help countries with managing the challenges regarding surveillance and monitoring of COVID-19 in these demanding times, so healthcare workers, laboratories and specialists can focus on where they are needed most, treating patients. Through strong backend algorithms, these tools have the ability to automate data collection, analysis, and reporting and guide decision-makers with accurate data to support their decisions regarding strategy and resource allocation for COVID-19.


As a result of the current pandemic of COVID-19, we have integrated a COVID-19 module to DataToCare. This facilitates the tracking of COVID-19 lab results. Our platform captures COVID-19 test results and patient data and sends the data to a national server. From the server, a dashboard provides a national/regional/provincial overview of the data in real-time.

DataToCare installation, Marrakesh, Morocco, 2019

DataToCare end-user training, Bamako, Mali, 2020

DataToCare data manager training, Bamako, Mali, 2020

DataToCare support, Lusaka, Zambia, 2020