by Savics

MediScout is a fully customizable suite of integrated mobile and web applications designed to improve community-level efforts by better targeting surveillance work, assessing risk, and facilitating coordination of activities at the community level.

the challenge

Locating high-risk communities to efficiently deploy scarce resources and remotely monitor efforts at the community level remains challenging.


prediction maps

Data-driven predictive mapping of high-risk communities to target surveillance efforts.


mobile application

Digital data collection tool to identify new patients and refer them to the nearest healthcare center.


web application

Dashboard for planning and remote monitoring of large-scale community screenings.

Mediscout features

TargetED community effort

Data-driven predictive maps helping program planners to identify relevant communities for large-scale screenings.

Faster planning

Easier planning and monitoring of community health worker efforts thanks to the online dashboard.

Digital questionnaire

Easy data entry thanks to standardized digital questionnaires and automatic disease risk stratification.


Real-time data transfer from community to central level facilitating timely course corrective actions.

Adjusted guidance

Automatic guidance to community health workers on health actions to take depending on screening results.

Easier analysis and REPORTING

Data visualization through maps and chart and automatic report generation. 

Accurate mapping

Precise capture of geographic coordinates of each screening event conducted at community level.

Adapted to LOW resource settings

User friendly interface and offline data capture synchronizing when the connection is back.

Our Impact

Mediscout generates significant health and economic impact during TB active case finding operation in South Kivu provinces, DR. 

3x more confirmed TB cases found in predicted high-risk areas.

3.5x more screenings per day per health worker

Timely identification and referral of high-risk patients

Economic savings generated thanks to reduced number of lab tests needed to find one positive TB case

We selected 11 locations (5 high-risk) in South-Kivu (DRC) with various profiles (urban, semi-urban, rural) and TB incidence predicted levels (from 0,1% to 2,3%).

13841 screenings, 1153 microscopy tests, 112 positive cases.

Hot-spot prediction

The prediction maps can be used to prioritize locations of screening interventions.
Strong correlation of predicted TB incidence rate with confirmed TB positivity ratio. 

Effective triage

The questionnaire acts as an automatic triage tool.
Confirmed TB cases were found only amongst individuals with highest score in the questionnaire


“MediScout has been of great added value in our work to find missing tuberculosis cases. The MediScout prediction maps helped us move from blindly circulating in villages using a door-to-door screening method to precisely knowing where to target needy communities at high risk of TB. Next to this, our community health workers were able when using the MediScout mobile app to drastically improve their efficiency, going from 20 screenings a day to up to 80 a day, once properly trained.”

Dr. Olivier Rusumba

Founder of Ambassadors for the Fight against Tuberculosis (ALTB),
Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mediscout, TB field screening, South Kivu DRC, 2019

MediScout TB screening, South-Kivu Bukavu, DRC, 2018

MediScout TB screening, South Kivu, DRC, 2019

Mediscout, TB screening, South Kivu, DRC, 2019