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Open positions

DataToCare Champion (Part-time) – Health Care Sector

About Savics

Savics is a Social Enterprise that leverages existing technologies and field knowledge to co-create and implement innovative tools to enhance the stakeholders’ impact on individualized patient care, disease surveillance and healthcare management at the global and local level. 

We partner with health stakeholders to build simple, customizable and patient-centric applications that gather field data and provide valuable insights for informed decision making. We have developed a suite of highly innovative mobile and web applications that support health systems, strengthening and improving health outcomes for low and middle-income populations.

Within 7 years, we have deployed our solutions across ten countries; mostly in Africa and South-East Asia.

Your Location

One of the following locations: 

  • Rabat (Kingdom of Morocco)

Your Role

We are looking for a part-time Connectivity Champion to provide assistance to our users. You will diagnose and troubleshoot software problems and train/help our customers to have the best user experience.

Connectivity Champion’s responsibilities include resolving network issues, installing and configuring software and traveling to laboratories to provide immediate support. You will use chat applications to give clients quick answers to simple IT issues. For more complex problems that require nuanced instruction, you will provide on field instructions and training.

Your Responsibilities

  • Research and identify solutions to software (DataToCare) and hardware (modem) issues
  • Install, Upgrade and Provide training 
  • Gather and Report feedback from users
  • Ask customers targeted questions to quickly understand the root of the issue
  • Talk clients through a series of actions, either on field, via phone, email or chat, until they’ve solved a technical issue
  • Properly escalate unresolved issues to appropriate internal teams (e.g. Support Engineer, Support Lead)
  • Provide prompt and accurate feedback to customers
  • Follow up with clients to ensure software fully functional after troubleshooting
  • Maintain professional relationships with clients

The Requirements

    • Strong IT/Computer literacy 
    • Proven work experience involving Customer Relation ideally with MoH
    • Hands-on experience with Windows environment
    • Good understanding of computer systems, mobile devices and other tech products
    • Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot basic technical issues
    • Good problem-solving and communication skills
    • Country official language in addition to English and/or French 
    • Ability to provide step-by-step technical help, both written and verbal
    • A permanent internet connection
    • You are comfortable with traveling 50% of your working time

    Why work at Savics

    • You will work in an attractive and fast moving decentralized self-managed environment. Savics is 6 years old and it grows fast
    • You will have your big say in the development lifecycle of our health solutions
    • We share a common passion for human being – Read our Manifesto (
    • We strongly believe that our actions shape the future
    • We learn new things everyday from each other
    • We love what we do and love to be the best at what we do

    Your behavior

            • Empathetic to employee, customer and end-users needs
            • Problem solver
            • Listener
            • Independent
            • Proactive
            • Transparent
            • Organized
            • Ethics and Humanist Values

            At Savics, you will work in an environment where humanist values are nurtured. You will be independent, responsible for finding solutions to local and global problems and surrounded by highly entrepreneurial people. We are all happy to be part of the team and to learn every day from each other. Our goal is to make an important impact on global health.

            Please be mindful of our Savics Manifesto prior to applying for this position.

            Female applications are highly recommended.

            Feel free to submit your spontaneous application at

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