Today is the World TB day.

Since long time, many people say loud and clear that we can’t continue to work as it has been done in the past years to eradicate tuberculosis (TB) in low and middle income countries. The impact of the undertaken actions has been too low. If the global sickness prevalence curve over time is not dramatically inflected, TB will continue to kill innocents until 2070.

To start stakeholders behavioral changes, new targets have been endorsed by the community to end TB by 2030. Since then, many discussions on the subject happened but I do not feel the right level of urgency yet in the actions of most organizations. Business is still conducted as usual. The urgency level I perceive is the one that (rich) people have when they can still make choices.

It’s TIME for organizations and their leaders to realise that the urgency level required to achieve the 2030 targets is radically higher than thought and is located way outside of the comfort zone of most of our organizations. We need to share resources and join our efforts to achieve the 2030 goals. This doesn’t happen much yet.

As organizations do not feel endangered, it is difficult to shift their urgency perception level. And getting higher budgets globally won’t help neither if we can’t significantly improve the impact of our collective actions in the field.

It’s TIME to walk the talk and collaborate truly all together to END TB.