Following the buzz made by the documentary of Mr Crutzen (Ceci n’est pas un complot) and the potential negative impact it could have on Savics’ reputation – see my previous post, you have been numerous to support us (if compared to the 1,000,000+ viewers of the sequence as of today, you all come to an insignificant number: all is relative :). Nonetheless: Thank you for your kind words!

And, finally, all’s well that ends well. Although Savics went on stage only during 20 seconds in the narrative, this was enough for the journalist to introduce 4 wrong assertions. After some discussions with Mr Crutzen who realized his mistakes, the sequence in which Savics was mentioned has been completely removed from the documentary (changes are effective on Vimeo but still awaited on the YouTube platform). It attests that the previously provided (but not fact-checked) information could mislead to wrong judgements. As of now, a disclaimer also expresses the changes made to acknowledge the past issue.

This event coupled to the anxiety-inducing environment in which we are in highlights the importance of carefully choosing the words we are using to convey a message, the impact they can have and the amplifier role of the media. Nothing new. But worth to remember each time we intend to express ourselves: words can be sharp as a razor. It’s risky to use them without precision or without framing the right context. What message do we want to pass and why? What are our motivations?

If it is important to communicate in the right way, it is as much important to receive the information in an appropriate manner to keep the channel open. Listening, reflecting without judgement, and respecting each others’ opinion are probably key to shape a reaction that will not undermine the other party but trigger evolution of perspectives.

Each encountered event makes us a bit more resilient and attuned to new possibilities if we react to it with simplicity and adaptability. No one is omniscient. Science doesn’t explain everything. Our world is full of unknown and unpredictable events. Humility shall prevail.

Let’s go back to what each one of us does best to build the world we want to live in and let’s leave aside the endless discussions about conspiracy or what should have been done. The past is the past. We cannot change it but accept it. Our future can be bright. It depends mainly on what we are doing now.